Blog Virginity Gone

November 15th 2023

Well, what a time to start a blog, it’s not like the shop is stacked out full and planning ahead for all things Christmas. Yes, I said the C word.

We have had one hell of an October, with the shop being continuously busy and launching our very own cologne range at the same time as our year end, it’s definitely good preparation for what’s to come before the new year.

The support, response and feedback about our fragrances has been INSANE! Our first drop over both stores sold out in the first week. Our pre-orders for the second drop pretty much sold that run out, and now we have a huge shipment arriving for you all for the festive period, which will be part of our gifting range, which we are extending bigger & better than ever before. 
Considering it has been two years since we launched our own range of products with the new branding and design, it’s been really good to see how many people have backed our products, and most of all, we are thrilled with the results. The brand has come along way in the past two years, but it’s still amazes me when a regular will turn around after a year or two and say, ‘is that your own stuff?!’… like we have never mentioned it before… which is absolutely bonkers. I mean, we obviously don’t push sales onto people because you don’t want that awkward car salesperson vibe, but at the same time Dan made a very good point last week, ‘who trusts you with their hair the most’… so why aren’t we recommending  our products more?!

That statement right there is true, and we wouldn’t be using products we didn’t believe in, else we would be chopping in some cheap backyard, cash only with rusty scissors, no social media presence and styling with pritt-stick!

This November is the first year where we are having a Black Friday deal on all products throughout the range online and in store. If you buy two products (minimum £12 on one product) you get a JG shampoo of your choice for FREE (worth £11). The idea of this , is to simply get yourselves using the best styling and hair care product in your life to date. Either Uppercut Deluxe or the JG brand is included within this, so grab yourselves a freaking steal from Friday 17-24 November and get styling!

A December blog post might be a difficult one to squeeze in, however, I will do my best. I’m not going to wish you all a Merry Christmas, for one it’s too early, but secondly… it will give me an excuse to avoid writing one of these in December! Just kidding… hope to make this a regular thing with talks broader than Jonny Bravos shoulders, some information more useful than a tour guide and some laughs along the way that Steve Coogan would be on board with.


Until then, thanks for reading.